The Search for Axe

Vlad Drazmir's Journal 1

You know something, I’m absolutely horrid with dates, I don’t write every night, so I’m just going to tell what happened the last couple of days as well as I can.

Well the first night we got to the city we noticed a lot of guards, more than seemed necessary except in dangerous times. Our first thoughts were that the city had also been attacked by the beasts in the forest, but Beryl did some asking around and found that it was actually because King Ben was in the city. Oh, and by the way, everyone had ale, except me, again I was ridiculed for it, but if you ask me, Man is different from the beasts because he can control his desires, once you drink ale, your no more than a beast that walks on two legs. The next day we explored the city, this may be a little out of order.

Beryl went out and saw some guards hit a little girl after she said they took or they stole it or something. The next day I saw the same girl steal bread, I decided she needed it more than the guy at market needed his money. Beryl and Shata went shopping or maybe that was when Beryl saw the little girl? Anyway I spoke with a man in King Ben’s guard and discovered he was definitely here, it was a blessing he was in the city. We sent the king a letter and he got King Ben to talk to us in the night. I was falling asleep during the conversation, I am ashamed to have dishonored the King so, I did kind of wake up when he spoke of the zombies. I’d go into more detail but Shata said she had it all written down.

The next day under King Ben’s orders I asked the Berets that we traveled with to many questions and learned nothing. On our way out of the city they started following us. One hit the little girl and a peasant started fighting with him. Beryl got another in the face with his knife, the others called us thieves which got the guards attention. Then Shata distracted them with her magic and we ran like the wind. We got out of the city and we are going to go cross country to try and permanently lose the Berets.



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