The Search for Axe

Beryl's Journal 2

April 25th,

I should have known those Berets wouldn’t give up so easily. We made it a day and a half’s journey towards the Red Rock Kingdom when we saw we were being followed. I had assumed the Beret’s wouldn’t come after us and I was right. Sorta.

We found a nice group of tree’s and waited for them. Not Beret’s, Kobolds. A pack of 20 Kobolds. We made short work of their scout, but then they rushed us. Shata and I stayed hidden and shot from the tree’s while Derg and Vlad attacked. It worked pretty well, but 20 is a lot of Kobolds. Vlad and Derg held their own for quite a while, but were about to fall when Shata put a few to sleep and we rushed them. Luckily we had gotten their numbers few enough that the remaining 5 bolted. We took 2 down before they got away.

I found coins on the leaders of the Kobolds. The same mint as the coins I found in the wagon of Beret’s. Brand new too. I have no doubt Lee or one of the Beret’s sent them. We’ll have to watch our backs. I hope the returning 3 will convince any other Kobolds that we are too dangerous to fight. But when we get back to the city we will still have to deal with these Beret’s. Not to mention whoever they are working for. Although I think that will have something to do with the King’s son.

I found a cave not to far from where we fought. We’ll have to rest here a few days before Derg and Vlad will be ready to travel. Let’s just hope nothing lives in this cave and comes back to sleep tonight. At least we got some gold and reasonably new daggers off the corpses. Otherwise this has been a pretty rotten trip so far.



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