The Search for Axe

Beryls Journal 1

April 13th,

Shata and I have been called before the King. The messenger says he has a job for us. I can only think Shata’s father is once again trying to get her out of his hair again. I expect another boring journey delivering a message to some noble on the far side of the kingdom.

April 17th,

Finally a real adventure and not just another message delivery. A few months ago the King’s daughter went missing. His son went in search of her, and now he has gone missing as well. The King has asked us to find his children for him. Maybe some of those messages we delivered in the past were more important than I thought. At least, they must have been if he trusts us with something like this.

Our trip so far has been more exciting than I thought it would be. We got a ride with an old potato farmer, and on our second night out we were attacked by Kobolds. I would be more surprised since I haven’t heard of many kobold attacks for years, but it turns out we managed to camp on one of their escape holes and a bunch of Berets basically chased them right into us. Tomorrow we should enter the Dark Forest where the King told us a dwarf named Derg would help us. He used to lead the dwarven army and is one of the best trackers in the kingdom.

April 19th,

Dwarves are the worst liars. Our first night camping in the forest, we ran into a dwarf named Jake. We asked him if he’d heard of Derg and he said the man has been dead for 30 years. We figured he must be mistaken since the King seemed to have talked to Derg within the last year or so. Jake then took us to Derg’s “widow” after we pressed him for more info. Mrs. Derg then tells us that her husband has been dead for 20 years. We insist she is wrong, so she sends us to her son. When we meet him he insists that his father has been dead for 10 years and asks what we want with Derg anyway. I could maybe forgive Jake not knowing when exactly Derg died, but if his son and wife can’t keep the story straight they aren’t going to fool anybody.

After some persuasion we find out Derg’s son is actually Derg himself. he’s been hiding his identity for years, but never told us why. I know if my father told my mother to pass off as his mother he’d be sleeping outside for the rest of his life.

After we told him of our quest he agreed to help us. But it will have to wait till tomorrow. Apparently there is a Paladin who has also been asking about Derg. He caused such a fuss trying to find Derg they put him in overnight detention. The King didn’t say anything about a paladin. I wonder how many people he’s sent to find his kids. Or if this paladin was sent by the King.



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